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Oct 22, 2021  

By means of non-limiting instance, for a vector space/distributional similarity mannequin, one may use Latent Semantic Analysis, Probabilistic Semantic Analysis or Latent Dirichlet Allocation fashions. The present invention relates typically to a system and methodology for inputting textual content into electronic devices. In particular the invention relates to a system and methodology for the adaptive reordering of textual content predictions for display and user selection. Text predictions are reordered to put predictions which would possibly be extra prone to be related to the present textual context at the prime of an inventory for display and person selection, thereby facilitating person textual content input.

The newly ordered listing 6 can then be introduced to the person for person selection. In the present method example, say the consumer supposed to enter the time period ‘the’ and thus selects this time period for entry into the system. ‘the’ is handed to the predictor 1, along with the phrases of the preceding textual content sequence, to generate new text predictions 3.

“Double” wager signifies that one of many gamers of two groups should score two or more goals during the given match. In this kind of wager the first symbol reveals the outcome of the first half, and the second symbol exhibits the results of the game. For instance, W1W2 wager implies that the first group has received in the first half but the second team has won within the whole sport.

As the skilled individual will realise, this implementation may be utilized to a hierarchal system comprising a quantity of methods as described by the present invention. In this case, there shall be a quantity of predictors and multiple Document Delimited

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Text Sources four. The reordered predictions 6 generated by each system (as shown in FIG. 1), may be combined to provide a last reordered prediction set by inserting every of the reordered prediction units 6 into an ordered associative structure and reading the p most probable values. Although the preferred method used to generate context vectors and to map phrases in a set of documents into a vector area is Random Indexing, the present invention isn't limited to the utilization of Random Indexing.

Furthermore, ‘the’ is included within the present doc phrases used to generate the Average Document Vector 9 which is used to reorder the model new predictions 3. The Vector-Space Similarity Model 7 additionally includes a Cosine Similarity Module as already point out. This is configured to determine cosine similarity between the Average Document Vector 9 and each of the Prediction Vectors 8, each produced by the Random Indexing Term-Vector Map 7. The resulting similarity values are mapped to their respective predictions to offer a set of predictions with corresponding similarities eleven, which are handed to a Weighting Module 12.

Furthermore, the entered term is used to generate the following Average Document Vector 9 which is used to reorder a next set of predictions 3 and thus to generate a next reordered prediction set for consumer show and/or selection. To add the finished document to the Random Indexing Term-Vector Map 7, it's assigned a new index vector which is then added to the context vectors for all phrases contained in that doc. In this way, the Random Indexing Term-Vector Map 7 is consistently up to date as new knowledge is acquired, and the system evolves over time/use. In the present invention, the system uses Random Indexing to map terms in a set of documents into a vector house.

For example, as talked about beforehand, there are a variety of vector space/distributional similarity models than can be used to generate context vectors and map phrases to a vector area. The system and methodology of the current invention just isn't subsequently restricted to using Random Indexing. The Random Indexing Term-Vector Map 7 can also be used to generate an Average Document Vector 9.